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Charmin Cousinz was started 1 1/2 years ago. Our company name started by 2 cousins who have the same goals. We operate from home at this time. We sell many different items which are made with personal touches and lots of love.

We make products that you can use to personalize, not only your home but also yourself. Jewelry and T-Shirts are very popular at this time. As are the many products for your home. We get so excited about our vendor shows and the many people we have met through our business. 

Our business was started by selling jewelry. We use live oysters that we open to get a pearl to put into the charm you choose. We sell necklace, bracelet, and key chain bundles. We now have expanded our business in many directions. 

Our main goal is to grow and be able to get our own work shop. We love to be able to make products that bring happiness to all of our customers. 

What we have done is to make easy access to our products. We have a website and Facebook page. 

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