Includes 3 jars with choice of label and design attached to wood. Sample: Q-Tips, Brushes, and Cotton Balls.

Tray color choice: White wash or Wood Finish.

Your choice of sayings (each side) and Jar of flowers, just tell us your colors.

Tissue jar with choice of color and choice of saying. 

Example: A Tissue for your Issue, Bless You, and Just Blow

Will fill with Kleenex for additional $2.50

Choice of Color and Label, and design

Example, Clear with Soap label, and bubbles for design

Also comes with cleaning brush

Choice of Color and Label, and Design.

Example: Painted with Lotion Label, and Dollop of lotion for design.

Also comes with cleaning brush

Tissue jar and Soap dispenser

Choice of colors and Labels

Tissue Jar and Soap Dispenser in a box Set

Choice of Box (Whitewash or wood), choice of color and label

Comes with Lights. In your choice of Glitter and Label

Example: Light green with Dinosaur

Set of 2 with your choice of theme.

Example: Beach

Small box that can be used for any small items. Your choice of labels on both sides

Pot holder, Oven Mitt, and Dishtowel Set with your choice of design

Example: Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs

Your choice of Saying

Your Choice of Saying

Comes with 25 circles or hearts

$2.00 for additional 10 circles or hearts

10" with your choice of design

Example: Welcome or Merry Christmas

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